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About me

Nello Di Cesare

Nello di Cesare is an italian wedding photographer with international experience.

Born in Naples, Nello has been involved in photography since he was a child, following his father Vittorio’s footsteps. Nello deeply believes that he has been lucky to turn his passion into a job that he considers the expression of his happiness.

If your looking for discretion and elegance, you will find them in his work: on the day of your wedding, Nello and his staff will be like friends for you and they will follow you in every steps of that special day. Happyness, joy, enthusiasm and thrills will be all caught with spontaneity in your pictures and videos.

Weddings are made of many differents moments and feelings that are worth to be remembered for ever: trusting Nello and his staff you will be sure to preserve all the beautiful and authentic memories.

His style is sophisticated, elegant and unexpected. More than 20 years of experience in this field, gives Nello the ability of putting you at ease, catching all the moments in the most important day of your life.


Wedding Photography

Every wedding will be attended by professional photographers, providing you with two points of view on the event and the full photographic story.
Usually our photo service will last for the entire day, commencing with the preparation for the wedding through to the reception. Upon request, we are pleased to extend our stay.

Fashion Photography

From lifestyle and fashion to corporate events and product shots, Nello di Cesare’s photography services can create engaging images that can give you more chances to tell your story to your target audience.

Jewelery Photography

Nello di Cesare Studio provides the discerning consumer with photography services of superior quality.
Excelling in product photography that make your products speak and jewelry photography that capture the brilliance of each gem and dazzles viewers.

Nello Di Cesare Photographer

Find us in Via Toledo, 16, Napoli (Italy). We are open every day (except on Sunday) from 9:30 to 13:30 and from 16:30 to 20:00. You can contact us by phone: (+39) 0815512651 or sending us an e-mail: