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Do you want to do a wedding guest list but you need some help? Check out our 5 tips about this difficult but absolutely useful thing!

  1. Remember your overall vision of the day

    Unless you have a very, very clear vision of what you want your wedding day to look like, the guest list shouldn’t be one of the first things you do in terms of wedding planning. In order to make your guest list, you first need to know if you want a big or small wedding, where you want to hold the wedding, and on what day.

  2. Consider your budget

    Your budget influences pretty much every decision you’ll make regarding your wedding. Once you remove all other expenses, how much are you willing to pay per guest? Does it still fit your budget? If not, you will need to cut the list. It’s hard to come to terms with the fact that you won’t be able to invite everyone, but you have to feel comfortable with how much you’re spending on your wedding.

  3. Kids or no kids?

    This is an important question. You shouldn’t feel obligated if you’d rater they weren’t there, feel free to have an adults-only wedding: there wouldn’t be kids on the dance floor, kids crying and you wouldn’t have to censurate yourselves. But kids in a wedding can be also source of laughs, spontaneity and carefree moments. Well, based on your needings, make your choice freely.

  4. Consider a backup list

    A backup list means that you’ve made two lists: one that encompasses the people that you absolutely feel have to be at your wedding and another list of people that you’d like there but would be OK without them being there. The earlier you send invites, the sooner you can have an idea of who may not be attending so that you can open up those spaces to others.

  5. Think about who’s paying

    Whoever is paying for the wedding should have some influence over the guest list. You need to make some compromises. We suggest to give to the person who’ll help a set number of guests that he or she can add, so he or she can bring with him or her people that he or her thinks are important.

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