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Destination Wedding in Italy

Italy is a perfect place for a destination wedding, a place charming, elegant and glamour. Italy is the most popular wedding destination because is the only country in Europe that offers the widest range of locations to suit all budgets. If you’re planning your wedding in Italy, here you can find. everything you should know before you start planning the big day. Understand local customs Weddings in Italy are usually fairly traditional, often Catholic affairs, without the added extras which are […]


WEDDING’S TREND IN 2018   1. ROMANTIC DRESS This year, among the trendiest wedding dresses collections, there are the embarrassment of choice, extremely trendy romantic dresses, full of special details and with details such as noble fabrics; in short, the outfits that come under the 2018 trends offer a wide and rich choice. For example, the dresses of the Rosa Clarà collection seem to materialize from a fairy tale, reinterpreted in a modern key to meet the needs of today’s […]


Do you want to do a wedding guest list but you need some help? Check out our 5 tips about this difficult but absolutely useful thing! Remember your overall vision of the day Unless you have a very, very clear vision of what you want your wedding day to look like, the guest list shouldn’t be one of the first things you do in terms of wedding planning. In order to make your guest list, you first need to know […]


Forget about classic wedding cake, bosomy and full of layers, for this new year the trends seem to undress from frivolities and the key word seems to be “simplicity”. Keep reading on and discover with us what are the new wedding cake trends! 1. Naked Wedding Cake Already predominating for a few years, and it seems it won’t leave the first place: the naked wedding cake is a cake that undresses from decoration, recalling of simplicity and nakedness. It doesn’t […]


New year is almost here, and you’d like to marry in 2018? Here’s some of the wedding trends that experts want you to know before starting the preparations.   Transparent elements Glass details and semi-transparent paper are becoming a trend in 2018’s weddings. Everything will look like a Glasshouse. Perfect for modern and minimalist couples.   New type of food   Modern world is globalized and in these days we can try a lot of different food, from the Italian to […]


BEST WEDDING SONGS FOR 2018 Choosing your wedding songs can be really difficult: music is in fact an important thing in your wedding, it has to be meaningful but at the same time a pleasure for your guests. Here are some of the best wedding songs for 2018 to play on the most important day of your life. Rihanna – Love On The Brain This song is a beautiful ballad, perfect for your wedding dance. It has some RnB influences […]

Let’s dance: how to choose the DJ for your wedding party

A quiet background music as well as a danceble selection needs an experienced DJ. So if you are looking for the right person who will set up your wedding soundtrack, here are some tips and questions to ask. Do you want live music, music selection or both of them? The first thing to decide is whether you need a dj or a band, or both of them. If you have noticed the right person at another event, call him/her and […]

Bridal dress top trends for 2018

The New York Bridal Fashion Week has just closed, we saw a lot of beautiful oufit and here are the 5 top trends for 2018 brides! Trasparencies and deep V-neck: 2018 dresses are sensual but minimal, simple and elegant with ultra-feminine details. Jumpsuit: if you want to impress with a powerful outfit, then go for a jumpsuit, choosing an ultra elegant textile. Colors: instead of traditional white choose a very light blush pink to give a vintage twist to your […]

6 tips for a perfect wedding photo shooting

The big day has come and you are nervous and excited. That means that is very difficult to look good in your pictures. After hundreds and hundreds of weddings shooting we can give you some advises, simple but useful. 1.When choosing hair style and make up, test them in picture: sometimes there is a big difference between what you see in the mirror and what you see in the camera. Choose a solution that works in both cases. 2.Remeber that […]

The perfect location for a wedding in spring? Find it in 5 steps

If you are going to be a spring bride, it is time to look for the location: don’t panic, follow these 5 precious tips everything will be perfect. 1. Get a note of the locations you already know, make a list, and add the names of the ones you’ve discovered on the web and looked good 2. Outdoor or Indoor? It’s the big spring wedding dilemma, so if the location offers both options this is a plus, if it’s only […]