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Foto matrimonio originali

Original Wedding Photos? Choose Nello di Cesare, international photographer!

Original Wedding Photos, the favorite and trendy photographic style. The desire of all couple who get married is to have original wedding photos, not posed, dinamyc and non-traditional. It’s not easy find a good photographer that tell stories throught emotions, capture the moments and the spontaneity of couples and their guest, creating a real wedding reportage and saying goodbye to the old posed photos. The wedding in reportage style is definitely the photographic style that best suits these dynamic couple: […]

Reportage di Matrimonio a Villa Domi

Wedding at Villa Domi in Naples. Choose Nello di Cesare

Wedding at Villa Domi, a beautiful villa in Naples. Villa Domi is a beautiful and panoramic 18th century residence that stand on the ill of Colli Aminei in Naples and overlooking the Gulf of Naples, located in an enchanting park with suggestive natural beauty, full of a flora of particular botanical relevance, and is one of most elegant and romantic wedding location. Villa Domi was built by Meuricoffre, important Swiss banker family, who founded the first Swiss colony in southern […]

fotografo matrimoni Napoli

Wedding Photographer Naples, Nello di Cesare

Wedding Photographer Naples, choose Nello Di Cesare, International Professional Photographer Are you looking for a good photographer for your wedding in Naples? You’re right, it’s not easy… Celebrate the wedding in Naples means to have spoilt for choice, Naples and the entire Campania represent the perfect combination of folklore, romance and natural beauty, and it’s not easy choose a good photographer who can capture the most truthful moments of the wedding with style and elegance, that turns into a invited, […]

Wedding in Italia

Wedding in Italy, choose Nello di Cesare!

Wedding in Italy: get married in Fair Country Why get married in Italy? Easy, because Italy is a perfect setting for a beautiful, romantic wedding. Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world and boasts the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s certainly a country that exerts a magnetic appeal on all people of the world, both on italians themselves and on foreigners. Tuscany and Campania among the most desired regions Italy is one of the most […]

fotografo wedding

Italian Wedding Photographer. Nello di Cesare

Italian Wedding Photographer, choose Nello di Cesare Wedding photographer is professional individual who specialize in memorializing some of the most important moments of yours life. A professional photographer must be able to capture every moment and every emotion, creating a story for images. How to choose a professional wedding photographer If you are looking for a professional photographer for you wedding, you can ask to yours friends or relatives, and they certainly will give you an honest opinion on the work of the […]