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WEDDING’S TREND IN 2018   1. ROMANTIC DRESS This year, among the trendiest wedding dresses collections, there are the embarrassment of choice, extremely trendy romantic dresses, full of special details and with details such as noble fabrics; in short, the outfits that come under the 2018 trends offer a wide and rich choice. For example, the dresses of the Rosa Clarà collection seem to materialize from a fairy tale, reinterpreted in a modern key to meet the needs of today’s […]

The perfect location for a wedding in spring? Find it in 5 steps

If you are going to be a spring bride, it is time to look for the location: don’t panic, follow these 5 precious tips everything will be perfect. 1. Get a note of the locations you already know, make a list, and add the names of the ones you’ve discovered on the web and looked good 2. Outdoor or Indoor? It’s the big spring wedding dilemma, so if the location offers both options this is a plus, if it’s only […]